ON-OFF Valves

Industrial Valves

ON-OFF Valves

Eneida® offers a full maintenance valves service,
supplying parts and repairing mechanical, pneumatic and electronic parts in its qualified workshop and in Client sites.

Eneida® offers valves maintenance services at the level of:

  • Valve Configuration
  • Valve Calibration
  • Signature
  • Commissioning
  • Online Valve Diagnostic
  • Problem Detection and Solving
  • Add diagnostic devices and smart valve control
  • Integrated Solutions for monitoring the existing Valve
  • Positioner and I/P Calibration Check
  • Valve Hysteresis
  • Valve Stroke
  • Cavitation Detection
  • Stroke Speeds
  • Current Consumption
  • Actuator Friction Quantification

Maintenance Planning:
•  Predictive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance – Technical Shutdowns
for electrical equipment, instrumentation and control valves in refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp & paper plants and process industries in general;
Corrective Maintenance – field task interventions by high skilled technicians

Online Diagnostics can be applied.

It is the best available tool to know exactly the valves condition:

We give energy to your project.