Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Our Solution

In order to automate industrial processes or part of these processes, Eneida develops customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers, whether they are a control loop or the automation of a production unit. In the development of these solutions, SCADA DCS / PLC control systems developed from scratch or integrated into existing systems can be used, providing the necessary parameterization and communication interface. 

Eneida develops the following services for its clients:

  • Automation of production systems;
  • Automation of monitoring systems;
  • Automation of collecting and sampling systems:
  • Electrical design, switching and control;

Design of communication protocols:

  • Electrical assembly and field instrumentation;
  • Design and manufacture of power and control cabinets;
  • Development of software for various automatons;
  • Development of PC supervisory software (SCADA), statistical control and management support.

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